Friday, July 18, 2008

Where it all began: "En un cuartico...."

Guaguancó Matancero
Standing (L to R): Florencio Calle "Catalino"; Gregorio Díaz "Goyito";
Esteban Vega Bacallao "Chachá"; Pablo Mesa "Papi"; Ángel Pellado "Pelladito"
Seated (L to R): Hortencio Alfonso "Virulilla"; Esteban Lantri "Saldiguera"; Juan Bosco Mesa

"Entonces en la calle Salamanca entre Matanzas y Jovellanos, allí donde comezamos nuestros ensayos, en un cuartico, que no tenía nada, ocho hombres, que no cabíamos, a veces que habian compañeros que estaban por fuera, y querían ver el ensayo, digo, "Chico, tú, no es posible, no es posible, tu no cabe aquí..."
Ever since I first heard the great Virulilla describe the origins of Los Muñequitos in that inimitable voice of his, I have wanted to see that "cuartico." (Complete interview and translation here.)

Well our friend Chuck Silverman took a trip recently to Matanzas and he sent this photo of that hallowed spot were the eight gentlemen pictured above made some of the finest music ever recorded. Thanks Chuck!

Florencio Calle's house on Calle Salamanca in Matanzas,
where Los Muñequitos de Matanzas first rehearsed
Photo Credit: Chuck Silverman, 2008


bongos not bombs said...

Great, really poetic. Such a humble origin Thanks.

chuck said...

hola Barry

hope you like the QT movie I sent. Please let me know if you can view it...and understand it!


Anonymous said...

There is a photo of pianist, Michele Rosewoman with Puntilla, however, her name is not mentioned anywhere in the article. Is there any possibility that you could incluce her name in the piece?

For more info on Michele:

Barry said...

You are referring to the Puntilla article, I was making the changes as I got your comment. Check here.