Sunday, January 09, 2011

Update: "Lost" Muñequitos tracks

A while ago we made a request for 7 "lost" Muñequitos tracks that had never been released on CD.

We soon found 4 of them.

The last three have finally been found.

LP Siboney 420 "El guaguancó de Matanzas...Los Muñequitos" grabado en Santiago de Cuba, 1988, from which the following tracks were left off the "Rumba Caliente 88/77" CD:

Canto Para Ti (Guaguancó de Florencio Calle) (Earlier we uploaded a version of this one by Guaguancó Matancero.)
Ese Señor (Guaguancó de Gregorio Díaz). (This one was later recorded on the "Vacunao" CD.)
Mayeya (Guaguancó de Jesús Alfonso). (This is a version of the same song from "Rapsodia Rumbera." The LP attributes it to Jesús Alfonso but with all due respect I am skeptical.)

As far as I can tell we have now posted all vinyl tracks recorded by Los Muñequitos (or Guaguancó Matancero), which have never been released on CD, with the possible exception of their recording of "Xiomara" which plays in the closing credits of Oscar Valdes' "La Rumba" documentary. Also, our copy of "Ya están sonando los güiros" is incomplete.

(Big thanks to Mark Sanders at Fidel's Eyeglasses for digitizing and cleaning up the sound files and cover scans.) Download here.


Anonymous said...

These are great finds, classic Muñequitos (in spite of your favorite jam block cata) Mayeya on Rapsodia Rumbera sounds like a completely different song than this version. That one is credited to Agustin Pina Flor de Amor, not Jesus Alfonso. So it may be that Jesus did write this version of Mayeya.
On another note, the quinto on "Canto para Ti" and "Ese Señor" sounds like Titi Espinosa, but I don't see him on the cover of the album.
Canto para Ti seems to have some skipping near the end, before and after the first end break.

Anonymous said...
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Barry said...

Hi George, thanks for your comment.

The guaguas here don't sound like jam blocks to me...they were recorded in 1988, which may even pre-date the jam-block's existence.

About "Mayeya" I am going to make a post about that.