Friday, November 10, 2006

Request: 7 "Lost" Muñequitos tracks

According to Cristóbal Diaz Ayala's discography, the tracks on the Muñequitos' Qbadisc CD "Rumba Caliente 88/77" are drawn from 2 LP's:

LP Areito 3701 "Los Muñequitos de Matanzas - Dir. Gregorio Diaz" from 1977, from which the following tracks were left off the Qbadisc CD:

Glorias Cubanas (Guaguancó by Florencio Calle)
Canto a Angola (Guaguancó by Jesús Alfonso Díaz)
Protesta de Chile (Guaguancó by Florencio Calle)


LP Siboney 420 "El guaguancó de Matanzas...Los Muñequitos" grabado en Santiago de Cuba, 1988, from which the following tracks were left off the CD:

Canto Para Ti (Guaguanco de Florencio Calle)
Alma Libre (Guaguancó de JBT)
Ese Señor (Guaguancó de Gregorio Díaz)
Mayeya (Guaguancó de Jesus Alfonso)

(They later recorded the bolero "Alma Libre" on the "Real Rumba" compilation, and "Ese Señor" on 1995's Vacunao.)

Anyone out there have any of these recordings from the original vinyl LPs? Thanks for getting in touch if you do. It would really go a long way towards filling the gaps in the Muñequitos discography.

PS: Ayala also states that the versions on Tumbaos reissue of the old 78s are different than the Puchito recordings on "Guaguanco Vol 1" and West Side Latino's "Rumba Abierta" reissue. I didn't notice any difference, can anyone else confirm this?

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