Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New CD Release: "Rumbos de la Rumba"

Berta Jottar has produced a CD with Pedrito and Roman, a continuation of her "rumbos de la rumba" concept which she has been exploring in her thesis and a website.

Berta writes:

Rumbos de la Rumba (The Routes of Rumba) is the result of my collaboration with music virtuosos Pedro Martínez and Román Díaz. It is a conceptual musical journey about Rumba’s performance culture understood as a set of socio-historical relations. Each track is located within a different psychic space to evoke a sense of walking in la Havana, or circulating in the African Diaspora, or feeling caught between love and conflict, between the secular and the sacred.

I proposed six essential Rumba concepts to Pedrito and Román: dialogue, prohibition, conflict, seduction, Abakuá, éxodo and fragmentation. Pedrito and Román interpreted these concepts by arranging popular Rumbas and composing new ones. Both decided to interpret the fragmentation concept individually.

Much more info, including video, sound clips, and where to buy it at http://rumbosdelarumba.com


Bongos not Bombs said...

Thanks for putting the word out Barry. I've got this on order from CD baby.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Save your $14.99 (on CD baby)
Instead, you can download all 11 songs as MP3's on Rhapsody for $8.99.
It's a nice CD, but not worth $14.99