Friday, June 06, 2008

Celebrando: Ricardo Llorca, "Chacho"

Ricardo Llorca "Chacho"
(Photo by Barry Cox, Havana, February 2008)

Former "Voz tercera" for Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, "Chacho" was born June 6, 1938 in Santos Suarez and at 4 years old his family moved to El Cerro, where he started participating in rumbas from an early age.

He began singing professionally in 1954 with Los Principales, the recording and touring group of Celeste Mendoza. In 1970 he began singing with Rumboleros, where he remained until 1984 when he was invited by Diosdado Ramos to join Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. Specializing in the high harmony, he lent his powerful voice to such classics as "En Opuestas Regiones" and "Alma Libre," both sung in duo with the late Ricardo Cané.

He accompanied Los Muñequitos on their first international tour, to England in 1989. Upon returning he quit the group because of his fear of flying. Thereafter he retired from singing professionally.

Here is a rare clip of Chacho singing with Los Muñequitos, captured by an unknown videographer in Matanzas around 1985.

And here are a couple of Celeste Mendoza tracks featuring Los Principales (via fidelseyeglasses). Can't be sure if Chacho is singing on these, but it seems quite likely.


Anonymous said...

Barry who is on quinto on this video w/ Chacho singing?

Barry said...

Oops thanks I meant to piont that out: That's "Titi" Victoriano Espinoza (RIP). Great quinto player with LMdM until about 1985, or so.

You can hear him on the "Congo Yambumba" CD.

I think that is also his son Eddy on 3/2, he currently plays with Los Muñeqs.