Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ibae: Esteban "Chachá" Vega Bacallao

Cha Cha Guere, originally uploaded by Norte_it.
03 August 1925 - 18 July 2007

We are a little late posting the sad news of Chachá's passing, but we've stumbled on some new items that people have shared on the web so we wanted to pass them on.

First is the photo above from user Norte_it at flickr.com.

Second is this great interview (and his last) graciously posted by Tina Gallagher of Kabiosile Productions. Ibae, Chacha.


ralph said...

great interview this is actually on the lenguaje de tambor dvd which was recently put out, w/ Daniel Alfonso...very good production and highly recommened might i add...the great "chacha" quintero mayor, tambolero por excelencia...one of the great ones has passed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm Dario-jacopo Laganà (aka Norte). I met him at his home in August 2006. He was very warm with me when I arrive with any Cristal beers (as my conga master Roberto "Mamey" Evangelisti told me to do!).
We met 2 times and the second day he was late 'cause he tried to go to the bank but, with a problem to this leg, he was not able to come back in time... (he was very happy to see me there, waiting for him).

Thanks ChaCha!

Jinetero… ¿y qué? said...

I have been looking around in this blog, but to see the picture of Cha Cha let me petrified! It is incredible how close this image is to my father image was. My old man passed away and I could not be by his side in that moment.
He shows me the real beauty of afrocuban music and he is always in my memory dressed like that with a white vest made out of "sacos de harina" a white hat and the gray hair.
You have a great blog!