Tuesday, August 28, 2007

45th Anniversary of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional

Back in July, we posted a full scan of the program from the début performance of the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional (which you can find here).

Well thankfully that wasn't enough for our own truly indefatigable and lovably obsessive over-achiever Patrice Banchereau, who was inspired to start a full-blown blog in tribute to the momentous occasion:

It's in French, but even if you don't understand the language we're sure you'll find plenty there to keep you entertained for a long time. He's included every photograph and all text from the program, plus posters, video, and photo galleries dedicated to members past and present of the Conjunto. Really an astounding work and an invaluable resource.

He also has a section with photos of members he is still trying to identify, called "¿Pero Quien Son Esa Gente?" so take a look and if you recognize anyone, drop him a line.


CubanInLondon said...

Thanks a lot for helping raise awareness of this rich and often forgotten culture, Afro-Cuban culture. Cuba is not just salsa and people need to realise that, yes, even Cubans. There were many elements that gave birth to salsa, and they came from the Bantu peoples, as well the Yorubas and Ewe-Fón.

Keep up the good work and rest assured that in my next free online newsletter I will let all my students know about your blog.


cubaninlondon (Afro-Cuban dance tutor, researcher and freelance columnist)

vanessa said...

muchas gracias! i downloaded the posters of old conjunto folklorico seasons, and now they grace my walls!
It is great to see my friends on my walls.
thank you.