Thursday, November 02, 2006

Afrocuba de Matanzas: Yambú Matancero

This is from a VHS I bought from someone outside La Esquina Habanera when the Muñequitos played there in 2002. Not the greatest quality, and there are some wierd edits, but you can't beat Minini, Virulilla and Saldiguera (these last two founding members of Los Muñequitos) in a "mock" controversia de décimas. Some nice footage of Enrique Mesa doing the inspirations as well.

Sorry for the abrupt ending, I had to trim it to get it on Youtube. The original file runs about 12 minutes and is over 100MB. I will try to find a way to get it on rapidshare soon.

(This one is especially for Felipe, author of the Rumba y Décima article posted at the right.)

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