Monday, October 30, 2006

Essential rumba CD: "Coro Folklórico Cubano...en un solar habanero"

If you are serious about rumba, you need this CD. Features the great Guillermo "El Negro" Triana on vocals, as well as a couple of great female vocalists, not that common in rumba these days. Musically, it covers alot of ground, and covers it very well. Besides the usual yambú, columbia, guaguancó, there are tracks of Abakuá, Conga and Comparsa, Cantos Espiritistas, and even a Coro de Clave performed with the rarely heard "violas" or stringless banjo-type things. In its scope it kind of reminds me of Goyo's "La rumba es cubana," but as good as Goyo's record is, I like this one better, it sounds more like a cohesive group. The CD came out in 2002 and is now hard to find, but is popping up here and there, and there are even a few copies now at Amazon.

I bought it when it first came out and it had 20 tracks. I notice the new copies have a different order and only 16 tracks. I have put the 4 missing ones up at They are:

Diana Habanera
Columbia en Bomba
Guaguancó Sabroso

Click here to download the 4 missing tracks.

I had posted this sample track "Chambeleque" earlier when testing out the streaming method, here it is again:

(Another reason you want to get this CD is that it won the 2001 Cubadisco award for best liner notes.)


Anonymous said...

I just got the cd from Amazon...on fri, what a great cd, what a great recommendation, the singing is great, you have coro de clave, even palo/congo, stuff, and comparsa/conga...all around good cd....hey guarachon, do you have a cd called Afrekete Iyabakua, i'd share it if not, but i wouldn't even know where to begin...

Barry said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, thanks but I do have the Afrekete CD, it's very good and undeservedly obscure.

If anyone is interested this great CD can be ordered from Arhoolie, (number 2078) on this page.