Friday, November 03, 2006

Afrocuba de Matanzas: 12 Rarities

Here is a set of tunes by ACdM you may have missed, as they were only released on various compilations here and there. I think some of their finest work is here though: Many feature the legendary Virulilla and Saldiguera on vocals, and Dolores Pérez's singing on "Palo Yaya" is not to be missed. I especially like "La viola de Homero," "Las Leyendas de Grecia" and "Tristes Lamentos." I also believe this yambú to be the slowest ever recorded.

Tracks are:

1. A la sereré
2. Arturo (NOT the version on "Oyelos de nuevo".)
3. El botellero
4. El cangrejo y la jutía
5. El misterio
6. En el manglar
7. La negra caridad
8. La viola de Homero
9. Las leyendas de Grecia
10. Palo Yaya
11. Tristes lamentos
12. Yambú

Download 12 rarities from Afrocuba de Matanzas here

Comments are appreciated.


adal said...

Rumberos worldwide should be thankful to you for this great task you have taken upon yourself to post the great videos you have been posting, all the information and downloads of rare rumbas. I am a Cuban rumbero who truly appreciates your endeavor! I have some rare stuff I would love to share here, but don't have a clue on how I can send you videos of Yoruba Andabo inside an apartment in La Habana, rumberos jovenes cantando donde el Ambia, rumbas en Miami, con Daniel Ponce, Tato Valdes, El Sacerdote de la Rumba y otros.

Barry said...

Thanks Adal, I am glad you are enjoying the music and videos.

And thanks for the offer to share your material, this is the main idea of the website, to get everyone involved.

If you have no way to digitize it, you can send me a copy and I will convert it. Just send me an email and I will send you my address:

guarachon63 (at) gmail (dot) com



Anonymous said...

Hey Guarachon, i tried to download the Afro Cuba stuff, like 5 times already and no cigar, has anyone else had problems downloading this music...thanks

Barry said...

I show it has been downloaded 13 times already, and I just downloaded it no problem.

Remember Rapidshare places a limit on the amount of MB per hour free acounts can download, you may need to just wait a bit and try later.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i was finally able to download the tracks...thanks Guarachon!

vanessa said...

I am in love with this site. I am a matancero at heart, and i travel there whenever possible. when i can't, i need to fill the void somehow, and you are helping! The rarities are GREAT. I listen to them all the time, and i envision myself - sometime in mid january- entering Dolores' house singing "tambor". i actually sent some recordings to her from your site, and sent the conjunto folklorico first season book to her husband, Juan Garcia!!!!!

Barry said...

thanks Vanessa, glad you are enjoying the site. If you are traveling there in mid January would be great if you could find out some information for us, we have many questions about some of these recordings. If you can help us out please email me at guarachon63 (at)


Unknown said...

Hi Barry and the others here,

I am in regular contact with Minini and the representative for Afrocuba, Maria Valladares, by telephone and email every other week or so. I have set up a group on facebook, Afrocuba de Matanzas, to try to help get current information from the group to anyone interested and vica versa. If you have any questions you would like to get to the group I can relay them for you, just post anything to the facebook group.

By the way I love what you are doing with this site! Well done.

If you have not seen the two DVDs I made in celebration of their 50th anniversary I could send you copies if you mail me an address.

Cheers, Christian.