Friday, July 28, 2006

Old School Rumbas on Rapidshare

Next up is some old school stuff, including some Muñequitos 78's that haven't made it to CD, and another Muñequitos-esque group called "Los Parranqueros" anyone have any info on them? (UPDATE: El Goyo tells us they were called "Los Parragueños")

Old School Rumbas
(Link renewed 01 Feb 2007)

Tracks are:

1. Mañana te espero, niña —Los Muñequitos
2. Recuerdo —Los Muñequitos
3. Guaguancó Sabroso —Miguel Angel "Aspirina"
4. Omelé —Los Muñequitos
5. Quando me toca a mi —Miguel Angel "Aspirina"
6. Al Soñar que era feliz —Miguel Angel "Aspirina"
7. Llora como lloré —Los Muñequitos
8. Yambú —Los Muñequitos
9. Porque tu no quieres? —Carlos Embales y El Vive Bien
10. Soñando guaguanco —Carlos Embales y El Vive Bien
11. Lo que dice el Abakuá —Los Muñequitos
12. La China Linda —Roberto Maza
13. Virgencita de mi camino —Los Parragueños
14. Si en vano te juré —Los Parragueños

Buy more classic old recordings from Los Muñequitos de Matanzas here.


Anonymous said...

hi - is this post still available at rapidshare as I'm getting a 'not found' message - thanks

alastair j

Barry said...

link must have expired, i will re-upload today. thanks for letting me know.