Friday, July 28, 2006

Carlos Embale Rarities on Rapidshare

Rarities from Carlos Embale

UDATE: LInk renewed 20 Nov 2006

1. Dia que, son
2. Porque me guardas rencor
3. Sonando guaguanco
4. Guaguanco sabroso
5. Milonga Espanola
6. El Callejon de los rumberos
7. A San Miguel del Padron
8. Quitalo del rincon
9. E, A
10. Timbalaye
11. Manana te espero nina
12. Tonache
13. Chambeleque
14. Genial Compositor
15. Gongorongon
16. A Matanzas
17. Regaño el corazon
18. Union de Reyes
19. Dos Almas Y Un Guaguanco

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vanessa said...

Can anyone tell me who is the singer on the columbia 'a matanzas' ?????
i must thank you bloggers profusely- you are helping me to learn much more about rumba. i am discovering a lot here.

Barry said...

Nope, sorry I have wondered that myself.