Friday, April 03, 2009

Listen to your ears

Blogger "Yoyo" has been posting some great vinyl transfers for some time now on his blog "Listentoyourears."

It's mostly Cuban stuff, but also lots of Calypso, stuff from Puerto Rico, other parts of the Caribbean and elsewhere, so go check it out, and be sure to thank him for his time, rescuing all this stuff from oblivion.

Take special note of the following:

Guaguancó Vol 2
Antilla MLP 595
(This one has been available for some time now on a cheap CD reissue but Yoyo's terrific vinyl transfer sounds even better. Besides the great rumbas ("En Este Ritmo" is the highlight for me) Laito's version of "Guaguancó en el Solar" has long been one of my favorite Cuban tunes.)

1 - Los Papines - Yo tenia una mujer
2 - Conjunto guaguanco matancero - El dia que naci yo
3 - Los Papines - Francicua
4 - Los Papines - Saludo nacional
5 - Conjunto guaguanco matancero - La bandera de mi terra
6 - Laito y su conjunto - Guaguanco botao
7 - Conjunto guaguanco matancero - En este ritmo
8 - Merceditas Valdés - Ya me cansé
9 - Laito y su conjunto - Un toque de bembe
10 - Laito y su conjunto - Guaguanco en el solar
11 - Laito y su conjunto - Yambeque
12 - Laito y su conjunto - Anana arena

Download here.

Conjunto Folklórico Nacional
Areito LDA-3156
(I think all of this has been reissued on some low-budget CDs as "Grupo Folklorico Nacional" or something like that. These vinyl transfers sound better. UPDATE: See Patricio's comments for the differences between the content of the vinyl and CD versions.)

1 - Cantos a elegguá
2 - Rezo a ododúa
3 - Rezo y meta de changó

4 - rezos congos
5 - cantos de juca
6 - makutas
7 - cantos de palo

8 - canto de wemba
9 - marcha de salida efó
10 - marcha de salida efí

11 - yerbero
12 - escobero
13 - manguero
14 - frutero
15 - bollera

16 - ave maria morena
17 - a malanga
18 - congas de comparsas

Download here.

Musique Afro Cubaine
Documents recueillis et enregistrés à Cuba
par Pierre d'Ursel
Disques Alvarès LD 453
(Never even heard of this one, some nice stuff on here.)

1 - Santeria: Changó
2 - Santeria: Combat entre olla et
3 - Santeria: Ogun
4 - Santeria: Ogun célèbre sa vict
5 - Yambú
6 - La rumba par Los Papines
7 - Guaguancó
8 - Guaguancó: improvisation
9 - Rituel yoruba
10 - Rituel yoruba (2)
11 - Rituel yoruba (3)
12 - Rituel yoruba (4)

Link here.

Pueblo Cubano
Documents de Folklore Authentique
Recueillis par Gilbert Handache
Odeon LP OSX 192
(Likewise, never even heard of it.)

1 - Zapateo
2 - Guacanayara
3 - Zapateo
4 - Bueno bueno
5 - Seguidilla
6 - Jumbala
7 - Punto
8 - Punto con la donada del tarta
9 - Que no hay amor
10 - Sabá caraballo, decima
11 - Canto a eléggua
12 - Canto a ogún
13 - Toques solos para ogun y ocho
14 - Rumba yambú
15 - Rezo a changó
16 - Canto abakuá
17 - Toque solo de tambores batá
18 - Canto a changó
19 - Rumba columbia

Link here.

La Música del Pueblo de Cuba
Egrem LD-3441
Double LP
(A true classic.)

A: African Origins:

1 Canto Abakuá
2 Marcha Abakua
3 Canto a oddudua
4 Canto a oddudua
5 Toques solos de bata
6 Canto de yuka
7 Canto funeral
8 Nicanor cansado

B: Hispanic Origins:

9 Tonada de punto fijo
10 Tonada adios chinitica
11 Tonada matancera
12 Tonada de punto libre (1)
13 Tonada de punto libre (2)
14 Zapateo
15 Pregón de manguero
16 Tonadas spirituanas
17 Tonadas de parranda
18 Tonadas de borracho
19 Tumbantonio
20 Calabason

C: Claves, Rumbas y Comparsas

21 Clave a caridad
22 Como brillan las estrelllas
23 Yambu
24 Guaguanco
25 Columbia
26 Comparsa santiaguera

D: Son

27 Septeto nacional - melon pinton
28 Septeto nacional - entre tinieblas
29 Trio matamoros - olvido
30 Abelardo baroso - el amor de mi bohio
31 Conjunto chappotin - alto songo
32 Orquesta chepín-choven - que me toquen mi danzon
33 Duo los compadres - rita la caimana

Download here.


patricio said...

Hi Barry

yes!! Yoyo is definitely doing a great job and the sound of his tranfers is even better than in many cd reissues. So we do have to thank him for these treasures.

You're right: the CFN Areito LDA vinyl has been re-issued as Cubilandia 513 CD, under "Grupo Folklórico de Cuba - Toques y Cantos de Santos vol.2. The "Toques y Cantoss de Santos vol.1" has been re-issued afterwards as "Música Yoruba" (Bembé CD 2010) in 1996.

But there are litlle differences between the original Areito LP and the Cubilandia CD:
1° instead of the Columbia "A Malanga" sung by Ricardo Gómez Santa Cruz, the Cd features a nice Changó piece sung by the great Felipe Alfonso.
2° Another very strange thing is that the yambú "Ave María Morena" has been shortened: if you listen carefully to the cd version, the décima has been cut off. (the piece is 30 secs shorter than the LP original version. The clave does "jump off" at 1.19. Why? this may be because the coro does not sing the usual conclusion "A e…" at the end of the décima. This could have been interpreted as a serious lack by someone influent, considering the décima had a "not-very-well-made-conclusion", so…?
Or did the version they transfered from original tape to cd actually jump, or did they have a serious problem with the original sound?
Quite a mistery…


patricio said...

I forgot to mention that in the same Lp there is a final comparsa track, not appearing on the Cubilandia cd.

Bodza said...

"The uploader has removed this file from the server."

What shall I do to be able to download these tracks again?
Also I am longing for listening to the Papines album.
Thanks in advance.

Your blog is a wonderful source of knowledge about Cuban traditions.

Bodza (Hungary)

Anonymous said...

A rip of guaguanco vol. 2 can be found here
I love this blog for its wealth of information.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great blog! I wish this and the other links under 'Conjunto Folklórico Nacional' would be re-posted. I love the music! Hard to find this kind of stuff! Keep up the good work, and thanks again!