Friday, February 06, 2009

Ibaé: Helio Orovio

Helio Orovio
(photo: Sigfredo Ariel)

While researching Berta's article on rumba in Artemisa, I came across the sad news, apparently universally and unjustifiably ignored in the Anglo press, of the passing of musicologist, historian and researcher Helio Orovio on Oct 6, 2008 of cancer. He was 70.

Percussionist, poet, author, and frequent commentator on Cuban TV and radio, Helio will be most remembered for his life's work, Diccionario de la música cubana, biográfico y técnico (1981, 1992) (published in English in 2003 as Cuban Music from A to Z) to which he dedicated 20 years. A truly indispensible guide for anyone with more than a passing interest in Cuban music.

Obituary in El Pais here.
Remembrance by Sigfredo Ariel en La Jiribilla here.

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