Thursday, October 18, 2007

New from Oba-Ilu

New on Soul Jazz Records. Seems like an overview of the rhythms, no songs included. Should appeal to all you drumaholics out there.

Track List:

1.Elegua (Latopa)


3.Ochosi (Aguere)

4.Chango (Bayuba)

5.Oya:Abakua (Tuitui)

6.Agayu:Toque (Chango-Rumba)






12.Iyesa (Variant 1)

13.Iyesa (Variant 2)

14.Arara (Variant 1-Mase)

15.Arara (Variant 2-Soyi)

16.Arara (Variant 3-Gervioso)


Have a listen and buy the LP, CD, or even mp3s here.


They say it's a cold world said...

Just stumbled on your blog while fact checking some stuff on the Munequitos for a book I am working on. It is a great resource, and I want to thank you for the fantastic music downloads. I really appreciate that you only provide links to otherwise unobtainable music and urge people to buy those releases that are available. I haven't looked all the way through your posts yet, but I look forward to reading more.

Barry said...

Thanks for stopping by, glad you like the site.

You do realize of course that now we're all terribly curious about the book you are working on...

ralph said...


Carlos Anaconda said...

Excellent blog! Came to it from the Rumba doc videos on youtube were i was trying to find a video that would give some good samples of traditional rumba for the readers of our group blog. Our blog covers music in the most general and broadest sense, and i just wrote a post that included a great experience watching some rumberos in puerto rico and i wanted to give our readers some more info on rumba. your blog and videos was just the thing. So i've linked your blog and the doc in my post here.

Thanks again for a great blog.

Barry said...

Thank you Carlos, glad you like the blog.


They say it's a cold world said...

Hi Barry
My book is a travelogue called "Walking to Guantanamo" about a four month trip across the length of Cuba. There is one chapter about hanging out in Matanzas which is largely devoted to the Muñequitos, which is what I was working on when I found your site. There is also a bit in the book about a Clave y Guaguanco show at the UNEAC in Havana. Incidentally, having looked through more of your posts I saw a request for some tracks from the Muñeq's LP on Siboney. I don't know if there is more than one of their records on that label, but I definitely have an LP they recorded on Siboney and would be happy to repay you for your great music downloads by sending along some tracks. I am in Paris for the rest of the year and my record collection is in storage in New York, so it will be some time before I would get to it, but if you are still looking for that LP you can leave a comment here or on my blog.

Barry said...

Great news! About the book and the recordings, looking forward to both.

The missing tracks are from the 1988 LP "El guaguancó de Matanzas...Los Muñequitos"(Siboney 420):

Canto Para Ti (Guaguanco de Florencio Calle)
Ese Señor (Guaguancó de Gregorio Díaz)
Mayeya (Guaguancó de Jesus Alfonso)

good luck with the project, and we look forward to hearing from you.


m said...

The order of the tunes is incorrect on the web page for the above recording. For instance the track 2 is incorrectly annotated as “Grupo Oba Ilu — Oggun”. Listening to the recording this is clearly a recording of the Makuta rhythm - I’m guessing track 8. Track 3 is the abakua rhythm (should be 17). 7 is Palo(should be 9). And the rest are also incorrect.

If you buy any of the rhythms you will be getting the wrong one.

I have emailed souljazz to tell them this but they are not interested. Very poor service.


Anonymous said...

Indeed the track list is all wrong, and it's incredible that such a CD would be published in such a mess. That said the content is excellent and very traditional and therefore an excellent study resource, I feel.

I am trying to determine the true order, and perhaps people out there could assist. So far I have the following, but could be wrong on some, esp those marked ??

Visit the site, listen to the tracks and perhaps post here any blanks you can fill.

Many thanks

1. Ochosi (Agüere)
2. Makuta
3. Abuakua
5. Oggun
6. An Arara??
7. Palo
9. Elegua (Latopa)
11. Iyesá??
12. Agayu:Toque (Changó-rumba)??
13. Guiro
14 Oya:Abakua (Tuitui)
15 Bembe (with sticks style)??

Assaf said...
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Assaf said...


I placed the track list question on the Congaboard forum and received a confident response from one user. So for the answer according to davidpenalosa see here:;f=15;t=3883;st=0#entry38936


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! Bought the "Drums of Cuba" cd on the blog from Soul Jazz Records in England. No problems at all to get it. Took like 4 days. It's amazing. Gold for percussionists and any musician. Even for regular people that wanna know what Africa is all about. The sound is great too. Thanks for the hint!