Saturday, July 28, 2007

Virgilio Martí singing "Más Que Nada"

Here's some rare footage of the great Virgilio Martí, singing his classic version of Jorge Ben's "Más Que Nada," which he recorded on "Patato y Totico" (an indespensible record and recently remastered, by the way.)

This is from a 1979 performance at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The group was called "Afrocuban Fantasy" and featured:

Virgilio Martí: Vocals
Little Ray Romero: 3/2
Gene Golden: Tumbadora
Eloy Martí: Quinto
Xiomara Rodriguez: Dancer
Eddie ?: Dancer

The coro includes:

Pedro Morejón
Carlos Sánchez
Russell Burroughs

Thanks to our friend Gene Golden for sharing this with us. Enjoy.


Ralphlo said...

what a lineup, lil' ray on segundo, and eloy marti!!!!! I've heard about Eloy, but until now have heard him play...and the incomparable Virgilio Marti....Barry/Patricio, why does Pedro Morejon sound familiar to me, does/did he go by anothe name?

Ralph said...

Barry, could the dancer be Eddie Rodriguez? I know where I've heard of Pedro, he sings a Palo number on Steve Berrios, First World album, "La Buena Noche Mi Ngo"....according to Willie "El Ruso" Pedro has a pretty good Palo repertoire...

Anonymous said...

That was just wonderful!
grz, indiani