Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Conjunto Folklórico Nacional: Columbia

It's been a while since we've heard from El Goyo, so I thought I would post this clip of him singing a columbia with Conjunto Folklórico Nacional.

This clip features on drums Alfredo O'Farril (tumbadora), Mário Jáuregui "Aspirina" (quinto), and Justo Pelladito (tres-dos).

The 4 dancers (in order of appearance) are:

Jorge Dixon
Ricardo Jáuregui "Aspirina"
Yohanes García
Domingo Pau


Bonboró o, na na
Bonboro, ro, ro, ro, aaa...
La rumba no es como ayer, Tula

E, Mulense ae
Agua ma o ba kun sere mbio

Coro: Laye, laye

Ay Dios
Ala pio ka, ala pio ka
Ala pio ka, ala pio ka
Laye laye oro mi so...

Coro: Laye, laye

Ay Dios...
Ya yo no como la lisa
porque es un peje liviano
camina de mano en mano
y a todos les causa risa
Ronco, ay Dios...
yo no como longaniza,
porque me sabe a majá
y yo no como carne asá
por no arrimarme al fogón
yo no como camarón, Ronco
porque camina pa' atrás


Coro: Aaaa...

Coro: Ronco, alakata, Ronco onile yo

Coro: A, onile yo


Aguan beró, Aguan beró
Aguan beró, Aguan beró
Se quema Yamima
Aguan beró

Solista: Se quema Yamima...

Coro: Aguan beró

Coro: Obá elé

Solista: Arere, arere o

Coro: E, aribo ya ya

* * *
About one of the coros, El Goyo tells us:

"Yamima: Estaban rumbeando en un solar en Cienfuegos y entre los rumberos
estaba Roncona [Benito Gonzáles, (189? - 1950)]. Una mujer del solar se estaba quemando y alguien grita: "¡Se quema Yamima!" y Roncona cantó: "Aguan bero aguan bero se quema Yamima aguan bero." Hay otra versión: "Agua epero agua epero se quema Yamima agua epero.""
"Yamima: They were having a rumba in a solar in Cienfuegos, and among the rumberos was Roncona [Benito Gonzáles, (189? - 1950)]. A woman in the solar was on fire and somebody yelled: "Yamima is on fire!" and Roncona started singing, "Aguan bero aguan bero se quema Yamima aguan bero." There is another version, "Agua epero agua epero se quema Yamima agua epero.""

I love this story because I am not sure if Yamima was burning literally or figuratively, but I get that feeling of, "Don't stop the rumba, no matter what..."

Anyway, here are the lyrics in English - my translation:)

I don't eat striped mullet
because it's a "lightweight" fish
it goes from hand to hand
and makes everyone laugh
I don't eat longaniza
Because it tastes like Cuban boa
I don't eat roast beef
So that I don't get close to the stove
And I don't eat shrimp
because it walks backwards

You can download a copy of this clip here.


Philip Pasmanick said...

Another great post!

What the story of the lady on fire reminds me of is that a good gallo
comments on what is going on around him, in real time, spontaneously.


Bongos not Bombs said...

This video also features Carlos Aldama in blue playing the claves.

Rebecca said...

Do you know what year this was from?

Barry said...

sorry can't be sure, mid-80's maybe?