Friday, July 28, 2006

Yoruba Andabo "Cajones Bullangueros" on Rapidshare

The rare 1st disc from Yoruba Andabo, pre-guarapachangueo, using only cajones, and featuring Fariñas and Calixto Callava (RIP) on vocals.

Yoruba Andabo - Cajones Bullangueros

Track List:

1. Oiganla
2. El Callejón de los rumberos
3. Protesta Carabalí
4. Cajones Bullangueros
5. Barasuguayo
6. La Bendición
7. Cinco línias, cuatro espacios
8. El niño rey
9. Chano Pozo
10. Perdón
11. Lamento Africano
12. Tiembla la tierra
13. Aqui entre las flores

Buy Yoruba Andabo's essential classic "En el callejón de los rumberos" here.


Anonymous said...

This is no longer available at Rapidshare. Could you please make it available again? Mil gracias!

Anonymous said...

It is a pity. The last song, "Aqui entre las flores", is only 26 Seconds long. Is it my fault or is it a fault of the original file?
Nevertheless and by the way:
Thank you for your great site, for all the information and beautiful music!!!

Barry said...

That's the way the track was on the tape I got it from.
Since it has a pretty definite ending I assume that it was recorded that way, kind of as a "tag" ending to the rest of the disc.

Glad you like the site, we appreciate the feedback.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry. Surely you are right. I heard the song only once before I wrote. And when I heard it this first time I was so surprised and happy to hear it in another version – but suddenly it finished. Until then I knew the lyrics and the melody only from an old Mongo Santamaria album I really love. It is called „Yambu“ and there it is the fifth song on the A-side with the same name as the album: „Yambu“ … Greetings from Germany!

vanessa said...

what year is this from??

Barry said...

Not sure exactly when this was recorded but these tracks feature prominently in the film "quien baila aqui?" released in 1990, so I would guess late 80's.

vientonorte said...

Increible blog. Solo agradecimiento. Lo encontre buscando musica del grupo afro cuba de matanzas. Se nota la pasion y dedicacion con la que esta hecho. Gracias. de Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Barry said...

gracias vientonorte.