Monday, January 04, 2010

Recent academic research on rumba

Happy New Year! Now that the holiday festivities are over you may be ready to dig in to some recent research on rumba, especially as it relates to the diaspora and New York's Central Park.

Berta Jottar

"Zero Tolerance and Central Park Rumba Cabildo Politics." Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies Vol. 5, No. 4, November 2009.

The Acoustic Body: Rumba Guarapachanguera and Abakuá Sociality in Central Park" in Latin American Music Review, Volume 30, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2009. (Also available here.)

Lisa Maya Knauer

"Audiovisual Remittances and Transnational Subjectivities" in Cuba in the Special Period edited by Ariana-Hernandez Reguant (Palgrave, 2009).

"Racialized Culture and Translocal Counterpublics: Rumba and Social Disorder in New York and Havana." In Caribbean Migrations to Western Europe and the United States edited by Margarita Cervantes Rodriguez, Ramon Grosfoguel and Eric Mielants, Temple University Press.

"The Politics of Afrocuban Cultural Expression in New York City." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Volume 34, Issue 8.

If you know of any more articles, let us know.

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