Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Left Hand Clave; Right Hand Quinto

After a brief hiatus, our friend Antoine Miniconi has started posting regular updates, including videos for download, to his site dedicated to those kings of guarapachangueo, Los Chinitos.

Here is a nice bit of Piri practicing a little exersize playing quinto with his right hand and clave with his left...don't try this at home!

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Antonio said...

Muchas gracias hermano! Domingo voy para Cuba de nuevo, a ver voy a tratar de trabajar lo mas posible arriba de la pagina web. Fui para casa Patricio el otro día! Buenísima gente, tocamos un rato juntos y todo, estuvo bueno. Un abrazo hermano.

Anonymous said...

I was at Felix Sanabria's house one night, a couple of years back and he starting doing the same thing...its probably something we all should strive to be able to thats independence!!