Friday, March 23, 2007

Rumberos de Cuba : Habana de mi corazón

The new Rumberos de Cuba CD we first told you about here is out, and it is very good, but also not easy to find. I had to go to J & R Music, it's not listed on their website but you can probably order it from them by phone. There is a short documentary of the group included on the CD, I've posted a brief clip below, if you like what you hear on the soundtrack you will love the CD.

From Patricio:
What I'd like to add, as a big fan of Rumberos de Cuba, is that something really différent has occured with this new record.
"Old" singers have disappeared, though Luis Chacón and this guy I didn't know appear on the video (exit the two left Aspirinas: Miguel Ángel and Luis Chacón, who were only "guests")- the fact is I don't know Sofía's birthday (the yambú female singer who sings "Sikuini Bakuele" too).
Obviously, "Rumba con Sentimiento" is partly sung a duo by Ernesto and Ricardo Gómez Santa Cruz (guest or member?).
All other singers are young (Ariel, Cusito). A veces Ariel me recuerda Roberto Maza - he ain't got no sharp voice like rumberos usually have. Over-produced coro are present, like in any "new" rumba cd.
First time hearing has been a great emotion, as El Gato's voice, a few years later, seems more mellow yet, and contains even more emotion than before. Maybe (I'm quite sure that) his actual mood is reflected by his voice…
Second hearing gives me a bad feeling. All old timberos also disappear, now that Marquito is dead. The quinto player is supposed to be Maximino. The drums therefore seem to be more "tight", more "agressive", more "modern" too. They're loosing a bit of their ancient sabor - the same feeling that we get with the new Muñequitos style. Maybe I need a short time to listen to the record more carefully, and get used to the style changes.
I don't like very much Ariel's style of singing, and he's getting a more important place than before in the group… maybe it's just that. Se fueron los rumberos viejos, except Maximino (born 1939) and Ernesto (born 1946).
Rumberos de Cuba doesn't look like the All-stars it used to be any more. But the record is great stuff anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The record is great...I just got it from J&R...its not the same Rumberos as the previous album, but its very good...I like the singing especially "Cusito" whom sounds great...Ariel, although I'm still getting used to his style, is offering a new young sound, and that only ensures that this music will live on for many years longer...El Gato, sounds like the seasoned veteran that he is, and Maximino and Marquito Jr...sound great on the drums...I do miss Mario's quinto on this album though...he's the best...all in all great recording and if you don't got a copy...get yours..