Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yoruba Andabo: "Tiembla la Tierra"

I am finally getting around to digitizing some of my VHS rumba tapes. This is a nice tune by Yoruba Andabo, back when they had Calixto Callava and Fariñas in the lineup.
Terrific dancing in this one too, really accentuated the importance of the facial expression! The tune is "Tiembla la Tierra" by Calixto Callava himself.

Where are you going, Mulato,
With that cajón?

I'm going to Pancho´s house,
the rumba has already started...

Every time you play the cajón,
the girls all dance

Even the palm tree sways in the breeze,
and the Earth trembles...

Click here to download a higher-quality (64MB) mp4 of this clip.


Anonymous said...

What a great video, and finally a chance to see the late Pancho Quinto in action...

Bongos not bombs said...

Who is the singer standing to the clave players right hand?
I'm positive I saw him at a rumba in San Francisco yesterday. he was with the dancer José Francisco Barroso.

Barry said...


The singers from left to right are:

Pedro Celestino "Fariñas"
Calixto Callava
Juan Campos Cárdenas "Chan"
Geovani del Pino Rodriguez

I doubt it was Chan though as they are leaving for a tour of Europe next week. Also remember these videos are around 20 years old. You can see more recent pics at their myspace page.